Long Live the Brand

Be it for a young brand or one that’s long established – we guide your brand to added vitality and radiance.

Vibrant brands can grown and change. And they have the strength to attract generations of clients and consumers. Your brand is the flag that enables you to pursue a targeted marketing strategy and create long-term values. Panetta & Co. can help you wave your brand flag high and proud by supporting you with its expertise in strategy development, the creative design of the brand, and its implementation in your company. Everything to create a winning brand.

Our Service Modules: Designed to Bring your Brand Ahead


The goal of the quantitative and qualitative analysis phase is to differentiate between decisive and non-decisive elements concerning the brand, the user, the company and the market landscape. It’s all about building a solid foundation on which to set the best course for a successful future.

Brand Analysis

We scrutinize every aspect of your brand and its market landscape – our approach is methodically structured, objective and set on sound common sense. In certain cases we also work together with a market research institute.

Competitive Intelligence

Preferences emerge out of moments of comparison – before and after the purchase. This is why we pay special attention to this aspect that is decisive in shaping the competition between brands.

Strategy I - Brand Positioning

Based on an in-depth understanding of the brand and its competitors, we provide recommendations for positioning your brand. Together with you we weigh the different options and decide on a solution that best fits your company, its strategy and its resources.

Strategy II - Identity & Values

What does your brand stand for? What reputation should it have in the future? We answer these questions in the course of positioning your brand and then reflect them in your brand image – the basis for the development of your brand identity.

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Here we define and design the strategic cornerstones of the brand: We translate the brand promise and its positioning into expressive images, language and spaces. Solutions to match every situation: refreshed, reinvented, and refined.

Name & Claim

Be it for a single brand, a brand family or an umbrella brand – we develop singular brand names or concepts for entire classifications. Once we have the brand name, we find a matching claim – the unique brand promise captured in words.

Brand Logo

A strong logo that radiates clarity, conciseness and high recognition embodies what the brand name and claim are designed to transport. We create new logos and refine existing logo concepts.

Brand Design

Beyond the name and logo, we also define the entire brand image across all touch points throughout the customer relationship – in shapes, colors, images and language.

Brand World

What stories does your brand tell? How does it interact with the users? In addition to the brand design, we define the brand’s world – from the point-of-sale to the online community.


The course is set – now it’s time to implement it across all areas: internally through well-managed action plans and externally through an integrated communication with the target groups.

Brand Guidelines

We establish and consolidate everything that defines your brand: in a brand bible, a design guide or training for your staff. A clear understanding of the brand results in the optimal performance of everyone involved.

Consulting – Your Brand in the Marketing Mix

We consult you on how best to operationalize your brand objectives for the marketing areas of product/service design, sales, price, communication, customer relations management (CRM) and support you in this process.

Brand Communication

We help shape the public image of your brand and design integrated communication solutions that convey a 360° perspective – from classical advertising and online communication to sales promotion and event marketing.