The Munich Art Film Weeks: From Label to Brand – Brand Management in the Cinema

In 2009 Panetta & Co. was commissioned with the revitalization of Munich’s long-standing event and has since continued working on the brand development of the “Munich Art Film Weeks”. The strategic brand management in collaboration with 6 independent film art houses has produced excellent results: Despite high competitive pressure in the leisure sector, the number of visitors per screening has continued to rise since 2009 by 50 % including traffic to the website, which was jointly initiated in 2009.


Munich Art Film Weeks / includes Atelier Kino, Neues Arena, Filmeck Gräfelfing, Neues Rottmann, Rio Filmpalast, Monopol Kinos


  • Insight & Strategy
  • Brand Essentials
  • Brand Communication & Implementation

Facts & Figures:

  • Brand revitalization with introduction of a brand name, claim and website
  • 50% increase in average number of visitor per screening: (2009-2011)
  • Gaining the City of Munich as a sponsor


The cooperation of local cinemas at this annual event falls back on a long tradition. Changing conditions have made this cooperation difficult and demand a strategic reassessment of the label. The solution: consistent expansion of the Art Film Weeks as a brand. After a thorough analysis of this long-standing event, the audience in the summer cultural environment and the potential supporters, Panetta & Co. strongly recommended the introduction of a logo with a brand promise as well as the development of a joint website and the restructuring of the program. In addition, Panetta & Co. presented the concept to both the local film funding institution and the Cultural Council of the City of Munich (Kulturreferat der Stadt München) and thereby gained financial supporters – after several years of virtually no public funding, accessing a slice of the state funding pie was an enormous success in this highly competitive environment. Since 2009, alongside the strategic brand management, Panetta & Co. also supervises the annual communication campaign as well as organizes the fundraiser for financing the advertising campaign.


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Munich Art Film Weeks

This traditional event has been taking place every summer in Munich since the fifties – and once screened films in August at a time when cinemas like theaters took a break and didn’t release any new films. Today, the event is forced to compete with numerous film releases in the summer.

Trademark Munich Art Film Weeks

The logo trademark introduced by Panetta & Co. for the Art Film Weeks: A pair of binoculars representing the discovery nature of the event for everyone in Munich.   

Munich Art Film Weeks - Program information brochure

From classics to previews, the folding program schedule provides ample space to include all the film series with individual film descriptions to stir the interest of the viewers.

Director Hans Steinbichler presenting his film "Hierankl" and discussing with the audience

Cinema has to offer more – especially in the summer. That special extra is the attendance of the filmmakers to the numerous film screenings. Here we have Hans Steinbichler in 2011 at the Rio Filmpalast at the screening of “Hierankl”.

Munich Art Film Weeks - Program information website

Boasting 13,500 visitors and 117,000 pages viewed, 2011 saw the peak number of visitors to the website.

Munich Art Film Weeks - Press coverage

Regular press coverage accompanied the promotional measures, which continues to be an important communication tool.