The Match Factory: Brand Communication in the International Film Industry

A surge in the number of products on offer in the market has triggered increased competition in the film industry – and that as early as the project-financing phase. With the so-called “Upcoming Projects” Panetta & Co. has developed a compelling tool for The Match Factory, an international film license trading company for independent film productions from all over the world, to showcase the new films to potential buyers as early as this stage.


The Match Factory GmbH, Cologne / Germany


  • Brand Communication


  • Conceptual design of an innovative communication tool
  • Showcase film projects that are sill in the financing and production phases
  • Established tool since 2009


Our client The Match Factory stands for quality sophisticated films – both German and international – and trades the film rights for internationally renowned directors ranging from Aki Kaurismäki to Andreas Dresen. Market changes call for a professional and compelling presentation of film projects long before they are actually produced and completed.  

Panetta & Co. has developed a presentation format that showcases and profiles film projects at various stages of the financing and production, providing clients with an initial accurate impression of the film subject. The particular challenge here lies in finding a suitable visual language for the films that at that point in time only exist as scripts. In addition to developing a visual impression, Panetta & Co. editorially develops the presentations and selects dialogue scenes, quotes and the like to transport the individual unique character of the work on a textual level.

Initially developed for the 2009 Berlinale – The International Film Festival in Berlin – the “Upcoming Projects” has now become a solid and significant communication tool in The Match Factory’s repertoire of brand communication tools.


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The Match Factory - upcoming projects presentation brochure

In the form of a brochure, its rough cardboard cover representing the projects’ work-in-progress status, the latest projects are showcased at the most important film festivals and film markets.

The Match Factory - inside pages of upcoming projects brochure

Inside the brochure, each film project is showcased across a double page. With “The Match Factory” corporate design taking backstage, the entire space is dedicated to showcasing the identities of the film projects.

Detail view of "Tatsumi" by Eric Khoo
Project "Tatsumi" by Eric Khoo
Detailed view of "An Enemy to Die For"
Project "An Enemy to Die For" by Peter Dalle
Detailed view of "The Future"
Project "The Future" by Miranda July