Tele München International: Brand Launch in the Film License Sector

The two-part TV series “The Sea Wolf” kicks off the extensive worldwide activities of the Tele München Group, a diversified media group with a focus on the German-speaking market. For the long-established media company, Panetta & Co. developed the launch of its own international sales brand at the international TV conference and exhibition MipTV and for this event also designed the release of “The Sea Wolf” on the global market.


Tele München Gruppe, Munich / Germany


  • Insight & Strategy
  • Brand Communication


  • Film identity for the international project “The Sea Wolf”
  • Set of communication activities for the release of “The Sea Wolf”


The Tele München Group is one of the largest media groups in Germany. With activities ranging from the TV film production to the acquisition of film rights for cinema, TV, and video/VOD distribution, this diversified group of companies is focused on the German-speaking market. With the launch of its “Tele München Group International” brand, the group aims to be active in the international film license sector on a larger scale.

The launch of its own global sales company at MipTV 2008 sees the worldwide market release of the project “The Sea Wolf”, a two-part TV production for the ZDF in cooperation with RHI that is still in its financing stage. In the context of this market positioning, Panetta & Co. developed the brand – “Tele München Group International” – on the international film licensing market, created a claim, and recommended and implemented solutions to publicize the new sales company.  For “The Sea Wolf”, the first step was to produce a sales flyer based on the script that would adequately reflect the future character of the production. In addition, a three-page advert was placed in the trade magazine “Variety” that drew the attention of buyers and among other things contributed to license sales to South America. With the completion of the two-parter, the sales flyer is updated and actual images from the film are added. The overall character remains unchanged, even though the lettering was revised in the course of finalizing the flyer.

“The Sea Wolf” is an example of the consistent and continuous presentation of film projects from the early stages of financing up to the completion and release to the public.


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The Sea Wolf - DVD and book

The main motif of the "The Sea Wolf" is a sailing ship in rough seas – a motif that was developed based on the script already for the presales of the TV production. Later on, the ship was replaced by an image of the real ship used in the film and the main actors were also staged to reflect the actual film.

The Sea Wolf - DVD and book

The motif developed by Panetta & Co. was also used for the DVD release on the German-speaking market and the new edition of the novel by Jack London.