Connect-D by Astrium Services: A Brand in Extreme Conditions

Commissioned by Astrium Services Panetta & Co. developed a new brand for the private communication service of the German Armed Forces at deployment sites. Bridging the gap between the customary service promise of Telco service providers in Germany and the limited capacities of satellite communication calls for a brand creation and communication solution that reflects a high level of credibility and clarity.


Astrium Services, Munich / Germany


  • Insight & Strategy
  • Brand Essentials
  • Brand Communication & Implementation


  • Development of a brand name and claim with pre-tests
  • Brand strategy: values and positioning
  • Launch campaign in summer 2011


Our client Astrium Services was commissioned by the German Federal Armed Forces to build a worldwide network for private communication at various deployment sites around the world. To communicate the high performance promise of the new offer, the new brand was expected to be positioned as close as possible to the service providers active on the German market, despite the fact that satellite communication is much more complicated to implement than traditional telecommunication.

With “Connect-D” Panetta & Co. developed a brand that both promises a constant connection to Germany and reflects the technical language used by the German Armed Forces. The biggest strategic challenge was to create a brand that radiates a high level of trust and absolute reliability in a technically difficult environment and that meets the soldiers’ high expectations.

The Claim “Der direkte Draht nach Hause” (The Direct Line Home) transports precisely this central message: Always reliably connected to all the important people in your personal life. The color and visual concept of all the touch points – from the recharge card and poster motifs to the website – carry this message to everyday life in the camps.

In summer 2011 Astrium Services accomplished a very successful launch of the new service “Connect-D”.


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The main motif in the brand communication with a clear message: "CONNECT-D - Der direkte Draht nach Hause". The claim, deliberately held in German, reflects the emotional significance of private communication.
From the recharge card and the packaging to the website: Distinctively CONNECT-D. Panetta & Co. developed a unique icon and design language for the Telco service. Particularly useful: the folding user guide - both complete and compact.
"Get Connect-D" campaign for market launch at POS. The motifs reflect the people who can now be better reached thanks to the new service.