Allianz SE: Best Practice Cases to Support Brand Implementation

How can you optimize brands in a global corporation with a decentralized brand management? Using best practice examples, the Allianz presents successful cases of innovative brand management within the global Allianz Group. The goal is to internally share gained knowledge about the brand across different countries where it can be further developed.


Allianz SE, Munich / Germany


  • Internal Brand Communication


  • Prototypes development for best practice cases
  • Text and headline design in English


Successful examples of brand management, so-called best practices, within the Allianz Group are communicated internally within the group. These examples vary extensively and range from pragmatic solutions in sales to innovative insurance models. Using targeted communication, these best practices are shared as a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to be accessed and used within the group.

Panetta & Co. translated four of these best practices from different countries as prototypes in self-explanatory presentations into English. The key focus was to: 1. Arouse the interest and attention of the reader, 2. Illustrate the diverse performance parameters of each of the case studies in an easy and understandable way and thereby 3. Create concrete proposals to address and continue developing this practice and then share positive experiences back to the Allianz Group.


Would you like to know more? Your contact is Roxana Panetta: Phone +49 89 76 77 44 90 or send us a message.

Allianz SE

Panetta & Co. developed diverse teasers to arouse the readers’ interest in the content. Using witty expressions and appealing images, the brand and the respective case study were presented in a dynamic way, and the content was carefully structured so that the various groups of readers can quickly and comprehensively access and understand the subject.

Allianz SE

Humor can turn a complex subject into an interesting form of communication that can capture the attention of the employees – the foundation for a vibrant brand culture where knowledge and expertise is shared, developed and implemented.